How to Market Your Vacant Rentals for Free?

Rentals for Free

It is always stressful to have a vacant rental apartment. Bills still keep coming but there is no monthly rent that you are getting. However, you can alleviate such holding costs if you are able to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. Marketing apartments would be your only way of getting the units filled. To be unfortunate, even marketing your apartment comes with some additional costs. With so many options available for apartment advertising, you can simply eliminate the cost factor or can keep things to minimal.

For finding new tenants, it is necessary to reach out to the prospective tenants and let them know that there is an apartment available to be rented. It means that you have to advertise the apartment with some of the best apartment marketing tactics. It depends on you as to how much you want to advertise and what sort of advertising is intended to be done. Only because one advertising method is expensive doesn’t mean that it would be more effective. You can even post your ad for free to get the best renter for your vacant rental property the very next day.

There are different avenues to advertise apartments for rent. Some of them are completely free and using them to market your property may have certain merits and demerits. A few of these free options are described below along with what advantages and disadvantages you can have by using them.

Advertising your vacant apartment on the internet with different popular websites that are dedicated to this purpose only is completely free of cost. Using such websites will let you to easily have access to a broad audience without putting in too much effort or bearing any major cost. In fact, you can also market your apartment on the social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Using this approach won’t cost you a lot and will give you access to a large number of prospective renters. But you should also keep it in mind that competition would be really high if you go for this option.

Another popular free form of apartment marketing is spreading the word around. Also referred to as “Word-of-Mouth” marketing, this technique is considered too old fashioned nowadays but it is still pretty much effective and can generate positive results in very short span of time. It pays to tell your relatives, colleagues, friends, and even your neighbors and other tenants that one of your apartments is lying vacant. Nobody knows who might be in search of a place that is exactly like the one you have. This technique is also completely free and there is not much of effort needed for getting your desired results. However, the exposure you will be getting is going to be comparatively limited but it’s free and you’ll be getting a referral from someone trustworthy.